Parution Shooting Noce de coton Audrey Riccardo

Audrey and Riccardo met at a young age. They unknowingly shared a common love for travel which is subsequently how they met, on one of their many journeys. Inspired by their adventurous spirit, their photoshoot was an elegant and charming affair with the gorgeous South of France serving as the backdrop. The photoshoot took place at the red stones in the well-known location of Trayas, on the French Riviera.

Throughout the shoot, you could hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and the smell of the rising ocean mist. Audrey and Riccardo were celebrating their first anniversary and Patrick Hans wanted to recreate their elopement.

Another day, another photoshoot. Today we are traveling south to celebrate love on the French Riviera. The adorable couple did this photoshoot for their anniversary. Stunning views, nothing but luxury and many beautiful memories.

Studio Balzac did an amazing job capturing the beauty of the couple, the setup and the views. KS For Your Events, having an intricate eye for detail did a splendid job creating the setup and picking out the amazing outfits. And we will hand you over to them to be carried through this dreamy shoot.

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Crédit photos : Studio Balzac

15 juillet 2020